MSLED after its first dive in the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica – Dec 2011

The MSLED (the Micro Submersible Lake Exploration Device) is currently the world’s smallest deep access underwater robot. I led the design, development, and testing of the MSLED project from September 2010 until June 2012.

The MSLED is a novel robotic submersible that is designed to explore subglacial lakes in Antarctica and provide scientists with valuable visual and hydrological data. My contributions to the robot consisted of the system architecture and integration, external hull and internal structure design, and propulsion system. I took MSLED to McMurdo Station from Nov-Dec 2011 to conduct its first field test in Antarctica.

Deploying MSLED through a sea ice hole in McMurdo sound

The Principal Investigator of this project is Dr. Alberto Behar @ NASA’s JPL. The vehicle was developed in the Extreme Environment Robotics and Instrumentation Laboratory at Arizona State University

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation and NASA

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