Jacob (@jacobrostenthal) the god-like EE and master maker at heatsynclabs designed and made the LED light control board. Here’s a quick video showing how blindingly bright it is. We had no issues transmitting light through our fingers and slightly through my palm!

Here’s a picture of how the LED watch looks on my wrist. Its a bit thick, so I’m shaving off a few mm, and redesigning ┬áthe button mechanism for the next one.

The button mechanism worked fairly smoothly on the first print when we only used 2 shells in the 3D print. On the second print we used 3 shells but the tolerances came out weird and Jacob wasn’t able to get the mechanism to work smoothly. Lesson learned: tight tolerances can be finicky if you adjust the number of shells you print. The good news is that the 22mm spring bars fit beautifully and held the watch band in place solidly.