Its a surreal experience being down here. Its easy to feel like everything is “normal”, doing the familiar tasks of debugging the robot, soldering wiring, etc. However every time I take a peek up from the workbench to my lab window, I see the Ross Ice shelf stretch out until the Royal Society mountain range. Its breath taking. Its weird. Its beautiful.¬†Even though I have only been here for ~5 days, its feels oddly homely and familiar. The galley is bustling like any university dining hall, filled with casual banter and dirty jokes. Its nice how everyone is pretty friendly and approachable. I don’t feel like an outsider at all. So… an update on what I have been up to. The day after I arrived to McMurdo, I was assigned to undergo the Snowcraft I course, known as Happy Camper School around here. It was essentially an outdoor survival training course, where we learned how to stay alive, and thrive outdoors in the icy environment. It was loads of fun, and the group I was with was awesome, which made it all the more enjoyable.¬†


Right after I got back, it was straight to getting MSLED working. I had to redo some wiring harnesses and trouble shoot some bugs, but as of right now MSLED is working! (mostly). I’m shooting for a field test this weekend on the sea ice. We will see how that goes (fingers crossed).

well I’m gonna go grab a drink at gallagher’s (one of the bars down here) before I head off to sleep.

over and out